Posted on Mar 23, 2017

March they said…

Its March, and as our Release Date Trailer revealed a while back, it is release month!
When we last made an Update in October, we talked about how we could rush a release date of December 2016, but wanted to have a few extra months to really make sure that the game was polished and felt like something we could be proud of releasing, so we came up with a March Release Window.

That extra time has been invaluable to the project, and as things were being put into a final release state (Sound, Animations, Gameplay) we felt a great amount of joy and satisfaction in seeing everything in Routine really come to life. However, there was one thing we never felt clicked, and that was one of our paths.
Routine has always had two ways to progress through the game, each with their own unique endings, but we never quite knew how they would feel until the game content & experience was really polished up and playable as one solid, consistent, experience.

We made the call at the end of January that our second path was just not as strong as the other. If you follow us on twitter you may have noticed over these last two months that we’ve been very inactive, and the reason has been that we’ve just crunched like crazy to try and hit that March Release date. It’s looking like we just can’t do that, there are still a few things that require our attention. You have waited almost 5 years for Routine, and we want to make sure that what we give you in the end is nothing short of the best we can give you. We’re genuinely sorry to announce this small delay, but we feel like the last thing we want to do is disappoint all of the people that given us their love, support and kindness, by releasing something that didn’t feel complete.

We only get to release Routine once, and we want to make sure we do it right. We don’t expect the delay to add more than a month or two and when we next update, we promise to finally give you a clear release date with a game that we are proud of.

Once again from the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for your patience and support.
-Lunar Software

Posted on Oct 31, 2016

Release Date Trailer

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since our last update back in December, and for that we can only apologise. Our heads are deep in development and we wanted to make sure that with our next update, we could give you guys something substantial. So with that said, we are super happy to announce that Routine finally has a release date (release window to be more exact)!

If you follow us on twitter, you may have noticed that we were hinting towards a late 2016 release. We have been working like crazy to try and hit that mark without compromising the quality of the game and at this rate, we would be releasing way too close to the Steam Christmas Sales (which would be devastating for us). In the end we felt like it was best to just not rush things at this final hurdle.

We hope you enjoy the trailer and that it can make the final months until release a little easier, we can’t thank you all enough for being so patient and supportive over these years. It’s incredibly motivating to read your kind messages even when development has took so much longer than expected.

We’ll hopefully be able to update you guys a few more times before release, as we stamp off content and prepare to finally share Routine with everyone.

Thank you again from everyone here, and we hope you have a Happy Halloween!
-Lunar Software

Posted on Dec 17, 2015

December Status Update!

The holidays are just around the corner, and while we can’t quite give you the game yet (sorry) we would love to give you an update on what’s been going on.

A few months ago we talked about going through the game replacing all of the placeholder art, were happy to say that now we are doing the big second pass on all environments and core gameplay features. While the first pass put in a huge chunk of the game and removed all placeholder work, the second pass has been all about adding the small little details that really make the game feel complete. It has been a very slow process for us but we are working as much as we can to get Routine to a polished state that we are all happy with.

(click to enlarge)

We really enjoy and appreciate all of the comments you guys send us and were really sorry that we can’t always reply to them or give you more meaningful updates. We are currently putting 100% of our time into development and it does sometimes mean that we don’t get to talk to you guys as much as we would want to. We promise that once we get closer to release we will be a bigger presence on Steam and Facebook.

However we are a lot more active on our twitter accounts and while it may not always be Routine related it’s a handy way to just check our pulse.


(click to enlarge)

• So why is the game taking so long to finish?
Routine is our first project as a team and while we do have some previous experience individually this has been a huge undertaking where we have clearly underestimated a lot of the workload. We are happy with everything we have learnt and we are still completely committed to releasing something that we are all proud of and hopefully something that you will all enjoy.

• I don’t like some of those effects you are using, can I remove them?
YES! A lot of our effects such as Chromatic Aberration, DOF, Film Grain and Bloom are all settings that you can change or completely disable.

• Are you guys still looking into adding an FOV slider?
This is a pretty frequent request and we are happy to say that you’re now able to adjust the FOV from 70 to 110.

• Is there any chance I can playtest the game?
At the moment we are keeping all of our testing local, we doubt this will ever change but we will be sure to let everyone know if it does.

(click to enlarge)

Over the past few months there have been a few awesome articles and interviews about Routine and we would love to share a few with you.

• GameInformer – Can’t Look Away: The Evolution Of Modern First-Person Horror

• The Collective Podcast – Interview with Aaron Foster

• GameSpot – Top 7 Horror Games Coming in 2016

We do also want to say that we are extremely thankful for all of the emails and messages that we get, we do read them all but often find it very hard to respond during our seemingly indefinite crunch!

Thanks again for all of the support and patience, everyone here at Lunar Software wishes you all a lovely holiday and a happy new year!

– Lunar Software

Posted on Mar 10, 2015

March Status Update!

With GDC just over and a lots of awesome Gaming news about, we thought it would be a fitting time to make a small update on how Routine is doing.

In our last August Update, we talked about how we were slowly going through the game and replacing all placeholder work. Since then, we’ve managed to get through 5 sectors of the Game, adding Gameplay, Art and essential Story Elements. We may need to revisit certain bits and bobs as we get specific playtest information back, but for now its a great feeling seeing more and more of Routine being Completed!

With less and less testing/prototyping needed for this stage in Development, we’ve really managed to speed up our Workflow and it feels like Progress is going better than ever.

(click to enlarge)

• Unreal Engine 4 is FREE! will you guys be switching to it?

Routine is far too deep into development for us to switch engines but we can’t bloody wait to get our hands on it for future projects!

• Are you guys dead?

Unsurprisingly we get this question a lot, we don’t blame anyone for thinking this as we are very quiet when it comes to putting out Routine related news. We are doing fine though and Routine’s progress is going great.

• Will you guys be putting out a new video at some point?

We will absolutely do a new video or two closer to release.

(click to enlarge)

Thanks again for the INSANE amount of patience you guys are exercising, we are honestly trying our best to get the game finished as soon as possible!

-Lunar Software

Posted on Oct 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We hope everyone is having a great day and have something spooky planned for tonight!  ]:)

While we continue with development, we thought it would be nice to give a new desktop image and what better time than Halloween!

(click to enlarge)

As usual, we want to thank you guys for the continual support. We really appreciate it and hopefully one day we can return all that amazing love you have given us!

-Lunar Software

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