Aaron Foster is currently the project lead that does Art and Design, he founded Lunar Software as a one man team, but now is extremely happy to have 2 more extremely talented developers on board! 

Aaron spent 2 years working as a professional 3D Environment artist for Eurocom on projects such as G-Force and Disney Universe, but found working in a large company quite restrictive and so he quit to pursue his love in game development as a whole.

And for those of you interested here you will find some of Aaron’s past work ArtStation Portfolio

Aaron started his life as a developer in 2005 when he met Chris Page, who was working on an exciting first person multiplayer fantasy game named Darsana. The game used Dark Places (a modified version of the Quake engine) and later got featured in PC Zone magazine and DVD.

Here are 2 small screenshots from darsana.

After Darsana, Aaron worked on numerous other projects with Chris that helped him grow as an Artist/Designer. Here are a few of those:

  • The Hunted Chronicles (Horror FPS)
  • Untitled Fantasy Game (Atmospheric Fantasy FPS)
  • Stealer Guy (Stealth Adventure)
  • Rain (Parkour Fantasy puzzle game)
  • Flying Limbs (Melee based Tower Defence)


They are only a few of the game prototypes Aaron has worked on and while most of these were unfinished, they are all in a playable state with the core mechanics in place.

If you would like to know more or even just talk about general game development happenings then head on over to the contact page or follow me on Twitter! @lunarsoftware