Jemma Hughes | Designer and Artist

Hey everyone!

I’m Jemma a young artist and designer on the team! i have the least experience but have been working hard to evolve and catch up :). I originally lived in Guernsey before coming to England for a uni course that i left at the start of second year to be taken under the wing of Aaron who is my partner and almighty teacher!. I hope one day to have the skill set Aaron does, if i could program i would!. Joining Lunar Software was a huge change for me and one i will never regret! I hope to make Routine and all our future games the best they can be from Art and Gameplay perspectives.

I have huge love and inspiration from games like Dark souls, Shadow of Colossus, Black & white, Drakan order of the flame, Baldurs gate ect the list goes on! Dark souls for me was by far the best game i have played for a while and i want to capture a bit of that with Routine.

I have been doing game art for almost 2 years! along way to go but i have a good team with me to help! Both Pete and Aaron are a big inspiration to me and i will hammer away at whatever needs doing.

Feel free to contact me or any other member of the team! Here is my Twitter: @Oranghes

Here is some of my past work!