Hi, im Pete!
Im a 22 Year old Progammer who lives in the City of Leicester (England). I am a huge Nerd who loves Video Games and the Internet.
I was born in Switzerland and somewhere along the halfway line moved to England, which means I have the incredible ability of being able to speak my native Language of Swiss (Buhre-Deutsch), regular old German (Deutsch), and English (English).

I’ve been fanatic about Video Games ever since I can remember, which must be why I can still retrace the levels of Mario Bro’s on the NES & knowing all too well how much punishment I put my thumbs through thanks to a little game called “Bigfoot”.

Naturally as the years Increased, so did my Passion for Games. Today I’m still the proud owner of many many Titles, be it Super Meat Boy, Gears of War or League of Legends.
Sadly it gets worse, much worse…alongside playing Games, I love developing them!
I specialize in Programming (aka stumble my way through it), which means I like to sit in a chair and make pretty numbers do crazy things; like Coloring Pixels.

Outside of electronic stuff, I like to cook and pretend im working out. I skateboard too, but due to the British Weather that mostly takes place during Summer (or if I can drag myself to the local Indoor Skatepark).
But thats all boring stuff, your obviously not here to read about my live outside Gaming!

So a fairly good roundup of me, I guess all thats left to say is; hi!

Here are a few images from Exstatic! the game I made before joining Lunar Software!