Posted on Nov 29, 2011


Hey everyone! we are finally getting around to making the first news post for our game Routine after a hectic week at Develop conference and a few bits of freelance work to sort out!

Routine is a roguelike inspired atmospheric first person horror game set on an abandoned moon base, saying that we are inspired by the roguelike genre can mean many different things and I will go into that at some point but for now I will just say IT IS NOT TURN BASED!

It will be a commercial game made with UDK set for release on PC, and now that we have gone public I will be updating the sites as much as I can (without hindering development too much of course) to keep you guys informed and up to date with the development progress!

To get you guys a bit more interesting here are a few bits of concept art and in game shots! (more media in the games section)

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I also have a personal site that was once my portfolio, head on over to if you would like to see some of my past work.

Thank you!

-Lunar Software


  • Pete B says:

    Pretty interested to see where the game play is heading. Especially with that end floor panel. Possibly some kind of puzzle or switch board for something? Hinting at some possible sweet kismet stuff? 😉 Hope so!!

    Can’t really comment on the art side of things apart from to say Sweet! Dig that chair material, really impressive.

  • Josh H says:

    This game is looking great so far however I cant tell if the work is Concept art or 3d models. I love the HuD info really sweet.

    Hope to see more soon.