Posted on Apr 29, 2012


Hey guys!

It has been a while since our last update! but for good reason, we have managed to meet a super talented new programmer that will be joining us on Routine! His name is Pete and he is from the UK, he has a game of his own that was almost finished! but needed art, so in exchange for his coding expertise we did the art for his game ‘Exstatic‘ it was kind of like a trade of skill sets!

This week we have switched back to working on Routine full time! as the art for Exstatic is DONE! and when I say “we” I should mention that there is one other new team member at Lunar Software, Jemma! she is fairly new to the whole game art world! but learning EXTREMELY FAST! hopefully very soon she will be sharing some of the work she has done on Routine so far!

We will update soon with a bit of Routine related work! but for now i will let you guys see some of the work we did on Exstatic!

There is more work that we did on Exstatic over at Polycount if you want to see more!

I hope this is ok for now! and I am sorry for the lack of updates! I promise to try and keep updating as often as possible! as we have some exciting new things happening soon!