Posted on Jun 4, 2012

Routine update

There have been some great advancements here at Lunar Software, mainly that its gone from a single man team to a 3 man team! we also took a month or two out to do art for Exstatic that I showed recently! but as usual I manage to fail on updating the site on a regular basis, so here is a small update showing the player in our Tram environment!

The game is in first person, but until we polish up the HUD a bit more I will probably keep it as an external camera. Plus I thought it would be nice to see the character that you play! 🙂

I will do a post soon on working with freelancers as the character shown here was designed by me but modelled by a freelance artist and I did learn a lot on how to best communicate your design/idea to someone not directly on the team.

And for anyone interested here is a link to the fantastic character artist  >>Rashad Foux<< I absolutely recommend him, as it was a huge pleasure to work with Rashad.

More updates coming very soon as we all work towards Develop Conference in July!