Posted on Aug 17, 2012

Quick PR update!

Hey everyone! we just wanted to have a quick recap about the last few really AMAZING days!

First off we are really overwhelmed by the reception of our teaser which has now been seen almost 100,000 times!  it is also amazing how supportive and warm the public and press have been, We can’t thank everyone enough who helped spread the word! and to all the press and sites that featured us a huge thank you for making our launch something special.

We are doing our best to read and reply to as many comments and emails as possible! If we haven’t responded we have most likely seen your message and super appreciate it! this has been truly mind blowing and humbling time! THANK YOU! 😀

Here are some of the sites that covered us!

It is a HUGE honour to be featured on these thank you.


• Kotaku

• Rock, Paper Shotgun

• Eurogamer

• The Escapist 

• Joystiq

• Indiegames

• Indiegamemag


• Gametrailers

• G4TV

• VG247

Here are some interviews and perhaps less well known sites that did some really lovely write ups! please check them out 😀 (not all the interviews have been posted yet we will update this post as they do!)

• Rant Gaming

• Bitscreed

• GameZone

• Brutal Gamer

There are tons of sites we would love to feature! Sorry for everyone we did not mention as we can’t post them all!  but it certainly made our year reading all the features and feedback from so many people THANK YOU!

Also like to shout out to various forums, Polycount, Neogaf, Gamespot and of course Reddit! Anyone not mentioned here thank you for posting about our game on our behalf, giving us support raising awareness and being excited for the game! We don’t see everything, we can’t reply to everything but we do LOVE everything!


– Jemma

Lunar Team


  • Nagendra says:

    Liked the teaser video on Routine and shared it on TechPowerUp! forums. The 80s sci-fi theme seems interesting and quite refreshing from the ton of fantasy/classical/future based games out there. I strongly encourage the devs to keep the game-play(storyline, visual & sound effects) an engaging experience & graphics true to the teaser. That would make this special. Keep up the good work!

  • Dermoplast says:

    I’d just like to say that I haven’t been this excited for a game in a long time, I really really like the permadeath, it’s an incredible way of adding tension and I’m suprised more games haven’t used it, especially in a first person game. And oh man that 80’s themed style is just fantastic, it looks incredible and it just oozes atmosphere. Thank you and good job at putting something truly original out, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    (P.S. will we be having ways to defend ourselves? a lot of horror games seem to take that ability away and it always seems strange that I can never find a weapon lying around or at least pick up a blunt object and attempt to stun the monsters)

  • John says:

    ROUTINE looks absolutely incredible, I’ve been so psyched since I saw the teaser. All I can say is it looks like you guys know just what you’re doing and are going to produce something so satisfying and atmospheric. I’m imagining it being something like Dark Souls mixed with classic survival horror exploration in a 2001/Alien/Moon setting… but I’m open minded with whatever you guys are coming up with. I love the graphic design of the site and logo too. I don’t have a high-end PC so I’m hoping it will eventually be available for consoles, current or next-gen. All I can say is keep up the beautiful work, I’ll be following the news as it comes along. Kudos!!

  • Ostrava says:

    The setting of this game really fascinated me, it’s nearly untouched terrain, and the feeling of retro-futurism really caught me, and of course the floppy disks. It has been ages since I’ve had one, my my.
    What caught me a bit offguard is that you guys thank all those websites, while leaving out 4chan’s videogames board who seem to support you a lot from what it seems like on your facebook page.
    Keep up the good work, looking forward for this.
    PS: There can’t be too many Floppy discs and cosmonautic tools.

    • AaronFoster says:

      Hey Ostrava!

      I sent you an email explaining a few things! but just in case that wasn’t the right email address I will mention something here too! 🙂

      This post was made before the whole 4chan thing happened, we will absolutely and have been looking forward to posting about that in our next update! so don’t worry! we are all honoured and blown away by it!

      Thank you so much for your kind words btw! <3 and all of you guys!