Posted on Aug 31, 2012

Steam Greenlight and the Oculus Rift!

Update 10!

Hey everyone!
Got a recap for the week and some fresh news!
First off we are really, REALLY excited as we have just added Routine to the sexy list of games on Steam Greenlight!

Please help spread the word and we super appreciate any support! our main goal has always been to get onto Steam and we hope Greenlight will show us the way!

• Routine – Steam Greenlight  (Please vote here in the Greenlight link)


Our second announcement is that we have pledged on Kickstarter for two Dev kits of the Oculus Rift!

We are currently unsure how much support the non source version of the UDK license has for the Rift but it is something we would really love to use for Routine and if it is at all possible we will make sure Routine supports it!
The Oculus is a really exciting prospect for us! with our horror setting and full body awareness we really believe it will make Routine even more immersive!




A week has gone by since we released our teaser and the reception was TRULY amazing, we have been super busy working towards some important milestones! but something that really stood out to us was the response we received on the 4chan /v/ board… we were met with some of the most love and warmth we have ever experienced, the overwhelming support and excitement by people made that day something to remember!

So a big THANK YOU! to everyone that came out and did some Q&A with us, we will return once we are closer to release <3!!

• Here is the archive of the first thread:


We were also interviewed by these lovely sites and amazing people!

• Shacknews
• theBitFix

And finally appreciate the mentions / video features here!

• PATV Checkpoint
• GiantBomb
• The GunnShop
• IndieStatik

A thank you also to!

• Weekend Confirmed Jeff Mattas!
• Invisible Walls

I want to leave you guys with an AMAZING song inspired by Routine done by Petter Andersson


Phew! We are going full steam ahead! Thanks for the support as always!

Lunar team out!

– Jemma