Posted on Jun 25, 2013

New trailer tomorrow and Rezzed games highlight!

We are almost there, our Alpha Gameplay Trailer will go live tomorrow (once the upload is finished and we manage to crawl out of bed that is!)

This weekend we attended Rezzed, as consumers rather than developers showing a game! but we managed to talk to some awesome press people from Rock Paper Shotgun/Wired/The Guardian and so on! They always have great feedback and really get us excited about showing people more updates!

One thing we love about going to these events is meeting other developers and talking to them about their games and development in general. We managed to play a bunch of games and would love to highlight a few that really got us excited!


LUMINESCA: Steam Greenlight Link 


TRASH TVSteam Greenlight Link and

REUS and



They are an amazing bunch of games that all offer something different from each other!

Our next update will be our Alpha Gameplay Video, so I will see you then with something long long overdue! <3!

Thank you all for your patience and constantly amazing support!

-Lunar Software

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