Posted on Oct 10, 2013

Giant Bomb and Gameinformer!

Today’s update is just to give you guys a small overview of some awesome press coverage we have had lately!

The first article went up on Gameinformer written by the guy who really loves his horror, Tim Turi! We manage to talk to him over Skype and we had a great time talking about Routine and Horror in general , check out the article below.

• Gameinformer – Killer Robots, Floppy Disks and Atmospheric Sci-Fi Horror

We then managed to have a Skype interview with Patrick Klepek of Giant Bomb, he is also a massive horror fan and every October he does a bunch of coverage on Horror games that interest him, luckily he thought of us this year and here is an Article and Audio interview of the Skype chat

• Article-Dark Side of the Moon 

• Audio Interview (I was pretty damn nervous in this Interview so I apologise for how much I rambled on!)

• Direct download (This is the direct link to the mp3 if people want to download it)

Thank you all for the constant support and patience, we are trying our best to keep you guys updated without giving too much of Routine away, we did release two screenshots this week and here they are again just in case you missed them. 

(Click to enlarge!)


-Lunar Software

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