Posted on Mar 10, 2015

March Status Update!

With GDC just over and a lots of awesome Gaming news about, we thought it would be a fitting time to make a small update on how Routine is doing.

In our last August Update, we talked about how we were slowly going through the game and replacing all placeholder work. Since then, we’ve managed to get through 5 sectors of the Game, adding Gameplay, Art and essential Story Elements. We may need to revisit certain bits and bobs as we get specific playtest information back, but for now its a great feeling seeing more and more of Routine being Completed!

With less and less testing/prototyping needed for this stage in Development, we’ve really managed to speed up our Workflow and it feels like Progress is going better than ever.

(click to enlarge)

• Unreal Engine 4 is FREE! will you guys be switching to it?

Routine is far too deep into development for us to switch engines but we can’t bloody wait to get our hands on it for future projects!

• Are you guys dead?

Unsurprisingly we get this question a lot, we don’t blame anyone for thinking this as we are very quiet when it comes to putting out Routine related news. We are doing fine though and Routine’s progress is going great.

• Will you guys be putting out a new video at some point?

We will absolutely do a new video or two closer to release.

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Thanks again for the INSANE amount of patience you guys are exercising, we are honestly trying our best to get the game finished as soon as possible!

-Lunar Software

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